Camas Prairie - Lewiston 2002-2003

11/26/01: Wow, has it really been over a year since I added any layout progress to this web site? While I didn't do any major additions, I did operate quite a bit this last year and rearranged the track in a couple places. The 2004 photos are here.

10/31/03: Three new photos of my second operating session added to the bottom.

9/28/03: Added three photos of the new bridge to East Lewiston.

9/3/03: Here are some shots from my first Op Session and some progress photos of East Lewiston Yard.

4/9/03: I added some recent photos of the layout to the bottom of the page.

11/21/02: With the Ft. Worth train show open house over, I had a chance to clear the junk off my bench work and take some pictures. Here are some photos of my switching layout as of Nov. 18, 2002. Most of the track is just sitting on the homasote and very little has been wired. Before I get much farther, I need to add some clouds, trees and hills to the backdrop. I also need more light.

Welcome to my switching layout's photo page. I started working on this layout in August 2002, and it has made slow progress.  The layout sat for several months with no track or structures while I worked on the plan. Some general information about the layout:

Scale: HO

Theme: Lewiston, ID - main city on the Camas Prairie

Room: 23'X20' formal living room. The goal is to have a duel use room, keep the furniture and dress the layout up.

Benchwork Height: 45.5" This is set by the 41" tall bookcases that I get at Target. I started with 48" tall cases, but I didn't like the overall height.

Subroadbed: Homasoate on 1/2" plywood - sealed with Latex paint.

Backdrop: Masonite ripped into 2' wide sheets, primed and painted blue.

Track: Code 83 Atlas and code 75 Peco

Turnouts: #6 Atlas and Peco mediums.

Switch machines: There are 8 Tortoise on the main and 3 Peco solenoids in the staging yard.

Command: Digitrax DCC. One DCS-100 and one DB-150. Radio throttles.

Drawn with 3rd Planit


Down river staging. Ouch, looks like I need to straighten the track out a little before I get much farther.

This end of the layout will have a double track curved bridge to connect it with the East Lewiston Yard.

The TV will eventually go in th corner. Dallas Billionare Mark Cuban will probally not be attending future op sessions.

I haven't fit the corner piece in yet. Staging tracks are behind the backdrop.

The doodlebug is sitting in front of what will eventually be the passenger depot.

A couple panaramic shots. I will eventually have more bookshelves like this one.

Those scratches in the backdrop are where the clamps took the paint off. I sanded them down, and will repaint.

Here's the overview. The reddish arch next to the couches is the backdrop that goes in the corner. Another thing I need to do soon is add more lights.

Here is a daylight shot of the east end taken in March, 2003.

The same end on April 9, 2003.

This is the Snake River Ave end of the layout. Staging is behind the backdrop. Lewiston Grain Growers will go in the front.

The freight house and the Mark Means elevator here. Later I'll ad a steel building for the Erb Cable Warehouse and replace the buildings in the back.

Same shot, a little to the left.

This end has Lewiston Milling, Lewis-Clark Fruit, Nicks Welding, Northwest Cities Gas and The Reinmuth Box Factory.

Here's the overall shot of the family room. I've got some tidying up to do.

The Mark Means elevator and the unfinished freight depot.

This corner will have several food packing buildings: Smith Frozen Foods, Mark Means, Clinton Foods and Tri State Fruit.

Here you can see the turnout switches. One has a key hanging from it.

Many of the buildings are placed temerarily or are cheap buildings bought assembled for the mean time.

Another shot from the East end. Next project is to add the yard and bridge.

Here are my first two victums. On June 4, Pearre and Mike were kind enough to come over on a Wednesday and kick the tires.

Pearre checks out his cut in front of the passenger depot. I have scrounged up several stand in buildings to give operators a target.

For this first session, Mike was handling all the reefer movements and Pearre handled everything else.

For this first session, I made up switchlists on Microsoft Excel. I also gave each operator a copy of the 1948 Camas Prairie Timetable and special instructions, and placed a station timetable on the backdrop.

Mike is busy at the packing sheds. I used the house tracks a cleaning tracks and the Team tracks as a make do ice house. Like the prototype, the real ice house will be near the East Lewiston Yard.

The next day, Blair came over with some of his steam era rejects and he got a little close to the edge.

No harm, I hadn't paid him for those cars yet. The next day I started building the East Lewiston yard.

Here is the yard under construction.

The first train across the new bridge to East Lewiston.

Here we see B-30 arriving in Lewiston as NP 311 from spkane.

UP GP9 and wooden NP bay window caboose - must be the Camas Prairie!

Ken, Alf, Blair and Lance came over 10/29/03 for my second op session. This time with the East Lewiston Yard.

Blair and Lance switched the downtown local while Ken and Alf handled the reefer movements.

A rare sight on the Camas Prairie is this UP FM H15-44.


Drawing courtesy Donovan Furin